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From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateFri Apr 11 09:11:27 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: greenstone-users] Re: Blog Post "Greenstone2.75 Released"
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Anupama of Greenstone Team wrote:
> Hello Kamal,
> Thank you for the explanation. Am I correct in understanding that being
> able to type in Arabic in GLI is dependent on:
> - whether one has the correct font installed on one's PC and the
> keyboard should be similarly Arabic-enabled, and
> - whether GLI's font is set to Veranda/Verdana or not? (And that in
> Greenstone 2.63-2.80, Veranda displayed the Arabic characters correctly
> even if it resulted in an error message in the background?)
> Yesterday I received a question somewhat related to the one posed by the
> correspondent writing from mrsaqibpk@yahoo.com. Though yesterday's
> question concerned Bengali characters, I think your answer may help her
> as well. For this reason, I would like to pass your message on to her.
> Thanks for explaining the issue to me,
> Anupama
> kamal mustafa wrote:
>> Dear Anupama,
>> Thank you very much.The problem is precisely "Typing" Arabic.
>> <can't "type" Arabic in Greenstone Librarian Interface.>
>> As gereral to make your PC Arabic-enabled you have to do the following :
>> 1-During installing Windows you have to include Arabic language.
>> 2-You have to setup your Keyboard to Arabic/English
>> 3-As I said before, The only issue concerning GLI was the Arabic Font
>> and this problem
>> Encountered we at the earliest versions of greenstone 50 to 60 and
>> here the whole GLI appeared
>> In wrong Arabic code when using Veranda font (default in GLI) and of
>> course not to be able
>> To write Arabic. Here I have to update my point in my previous email==
>> [3-Open Gli -->Click on FILE-->Preferences and change to Arabic in the
>> "interface language".The most
>> common reason not to be able to write Arabic when your "FONT" is
>> Veranda,Change it to any
>> Arabic font.]
>> Even this case is not any more with the latest versions 63 to 80
>> when starting GLI only
>> messages of wrong processess appeared (snapshot veranda.jpg ) and GLI
>> appeared in right Arabic code.
>> We could say that no problem in "typing" Arabic in GLI (snapshot
>> arsample.jpg) even if it is on english mode
>> (snapshot type.jpg)
>> It is PC and Keyboard Arabic setup problem (Known problem to Arabic
>> users even with CDS/ISIS).I hope here more details from
>> mrsaqibpk@yahoo.com <mailto:mrsaqibpk@yahoo.com> .
>> Best regaeds
>> Kamal