Re: [greenstone-devel] Context Search?

From Bradley Wangia
DateMon, 6 Jun 2005 13:28:05 -0400
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Context Search?
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I've followed the suggested steps outlined for context search to no avail
1. Set up hierarchy classifier based on the subject
Used MGPP by enabling advanced searching in GLI
Set up ex.subject and text in the index
2. I've changed the interface to only display the form on the
appropriate pages.
3. I've used javascript to find out which node is open.
4. I've also used javascript to create a search string that appends the
keywords entered by the user to the normal search string

However, my searches return results that are global to the collection.
I've experimented with my form's hidden fields the current settings are

<form name=QueryForm method=get
onsubmit=", this))" action="">
<input type=hidden name="a" value="q">
<input type=hidden name="r" value="1">
<input type=hidden name="b" value="1">
<input type=hidden name="hs" value="1">
<input type=hidden name="e"
<table align="right">
<tr><td> Search documents in this category</td></tr>
<tr><td><nobr><input name="q1" type="text" id="tbox" value="" size="25">

<input type="submit" value="Begin Search" ></nobr>


<!-- end of query form -->

I suspect that my compressed arguments, e, is the cause of my undoing.
How do I decipher compressed arguments ...

Also could I use cgiargcl to tell the search engine where in the
hierarchy to find the document I am searching for?

On 5/17/05, Katherine Don <> wrote:
> Hi Bradley
> This is not something that we currently support. However, we think you
> should be able to implement it by doing something like the following
> example.
> The example is a subject hierarchy based on dc.Subject metadata, which,
> once the user has browsed to a node, they can search the full text of
> documents in that node for some terms which they enter.
> 1. set up the collection classifiers and indexes.
> You'll need a hierarchy classifier on dc.Subject.
> for the indexes, you'll need to use mgpp - in the GLI, enable advanced
> searching. you need to have dc.Subject and text in the index.
> 2. change the interface. You'll need to add a little search form onto
> the classifier page - in gsdl/macros/, in the _content_
> macro, add eg
> _If_("_cgiargd_" eq "",_myqueryform_)
> then _myqueryform_ contains the content of the query form.
> is used for displaying documents and classifiers, so you
> need to test the d arg to make sure you are not in a document.
> You can decide what your query form looks like - look at the source of
> the plain query page (in a mgpp collection) for what it might look like.
> But the one thing you need is to add in the subject specification to the
> query. You will need to use javascript for this.
> you want the value of the node that is opened in the subject field.
> eg if you are open at a node titled "farming practice", you need
> [farming practice]:SU added to the query
> where SU is the short code for the dc.Subject index - you can check what
> the short code is by looking in index/build.cfg file in your collection.
> If you want the search to be on text, then the final query might look like
> <keywords entered by user> & [farming practice]:SU
> or if you want the search to be on a different field, add the field
> specifier to the keywords:
> [<keywords entered by user>]:TI & [farming practice]:SU
> (this field must also be specified in the index specification)
> I think you also need b=1 as a hidden arg.
> and there might be others
> So, the last problem is how to get the value of the node thats open. I
> can't think of anyway to get this without editing the c++ source code.
> If you know javascript well, you may be able to get it by looking at the
> contents of the page and somehow working out which table row is the
> opened node.
> Otherwise, probably the easiest thing to do is to have the c++ code
> create a new macro, eg _currentnodevalue_, then you can use this in your
> search form: [_currentnodevalue_]:SU
> edit the file src/recpt/documentaction.cpp. In define_internal_macros
> add just after the following (about line 850)
> } else {
> if (!arg_cl.empty()) {
> if (get_info (arg_cl, collection, args["l"], metadata, false,
> collectproto, response, logout)) {
> text_t &title = response.docInfo[0].metadata["Title"].values[0];
> disp.setmacro ("currentnodevalue", "document", title);
> }
> Then you'll need to recompile. see gsdl/Install.txt for details.
> So anyway, have a go, and let us know how you get on.
> Regards,
> Katherine Don
> Bradley Wangia wrote:
> > One of the user requirements for a digital library that I am building
> > is that the user should be able to browse the hierarchy and then once
> > they have narrowed down their list of possibilities, they can search
> > the documents in this part of the hierarchy for documents that contain
> > their keywords.
> >
> > I've been looking around at the collections that are out there and I
> > am yet to find anything other than global search. Is this
> > functionality available in greenstone?
> >
> > My intuition is that this may be possible but Im beginning to spend
> > too much time searching for how to do it. Any ideas/comments would be
> > greatly appreciated.
> >
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