[greenstone-users] Messages for Greenstone CDs while installation

From Jack Eapen
DateTue, 12 Jul 2005 14:18:29 +0530
Subject [greenstone-users] Messages for Greenstone CDs while installation

When we make a CDROM of a Greenstone collection and give to somebody, I noticed 2 problems. (In fact once I was discouraged from making use of Greenstone for CD-based collections, because for my colleague, the sample Greenstone CD seemed confusing)


I would like to know how I can change them:


  1. Now-a-days browsers are standard part of all computer systems (I think so). But while installing a Greenstone collection, it’ll prompt the user whether he wants to install a browser or not. For a novice user, this may be confusing and misleading. How can I avoid this step while installation.
  2. After finishing the installation, there’s no message to the user that “Go to the Start menu and there will be a new entry called Greenstone. Go there and click on the collection name”. How can I add such a message for the user?


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