[greenstone-users] Alphabtical separation of documents

From Jack Eapen
DateWed, 6 Jul 2005 18:04:21 +0530
Subject [greenstone-users] Alphabtical separation of documents

I’m making a collection of around 200 documents using Greenstone

I want to make my title and author classifiers separated using the A-B-C-D- list so that all the 200 documents appear in a single page while browsing by title or author


What do I need to do for this?

I’m using a metadata.xml file in my import directory. A typical section of it looks like:




      <Metadata name="dc.Title"> Behavior First:A Minimum Package of Environmental Health Behaviors to Improve Child Health</Metadata>

       <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="dc.Creator">Michael Favin</Metadata>

      <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="dc.Creator">May Yacoob</Metadata>

      <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="dc.Creator">Diane Bendahmane</Metadata>

      <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="dc.Subject">Health Behavior</Metadata>

      <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="dc.Description">In July 1998, the Environmental Health Project (EHP) convened a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to assist in the development of a &#147;Minimum Package&#148; of environmental health-related behaviors to recommend for inclusion in Child Survival programs.The TAG identified four key behaviors</Metadata>




This is the classifier section of my collect.cfg file:


classify  AZList -metadata dc.Title -buttonname Title

classify AZCompactList -metadata dc.Creator -buttonname Creator

classify Hierarchy -metadata dc.Subject -buttonname Subject


Please tell me what whould I do.


Also some of my documents have more than one author.(as in the above given section)

How can I display the names of all authors using the format string

When I’m using {If}{[dc.Creator], <tr><td align=right valign=top>[dc.Creator]</td>}

Only the first value of dc.Creator is being displayed



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