[greenstone-devel] Another GLItch

From Mike Blyth
DateTue, 2 Nov 2004 19:56:25 +0100
Subject [greenstone-devel] Another GLItch
After upgrading to 2.52, I am unable to view the assigned metadata for some
files, using the Enrich panel. I enter the data as usual, and press
"Append". The display blinks, the "Append button" goes back to gray, and the
new data does not appear in the display. It _is_ entered correctly into the
metadata.xml file, however. Furthermore, if I close and re-start gli, the
new data is still not displayed. Data _inherited_ from parent folders _is_
displayed. Deleting the metadata.xml file (and letting gli recreate it) does
not help. New files, as opposed to those already in my collection, seem to
work ok. Very confusing.
Any ideas? I'm stuck and can't continue adding my files.


--Mike Blyth