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DateMon, 30 Apr 2007 10:25:51 +1200 (NZST)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Help links
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> HI,
> Thanks for your help but I have a question about "q=". I don't understant
> why I must to put a collection name because I wouldl like to add a link
> towards the classifier of navigation "author" to have the whole of the
> titles which write by this author.Thanks

In GSDL, classifiers exists internally as CL1, CL2, etc. Macros are used
to convert CL1, CL2 to meaningful classifier titles, like "author",
displayed in the navigation bar at the end. The hyperlink to one of the
classifier is similar like:
<a href="_gwcgi_?c=mycollect&a=d&cl=CL1>
Thus you can't make a dynamic link directly from "author" to one of
classifiers. Instead, the query action can search documents for a
particular author.

The name of the collection indicates in which collection the search is
located. In GSDL, a search action can be applyed either on a particular
collection or across all collections

> I also have a second question. is there another means that Bibtex to build
> bibliographical collection because I do not manage to use the Bibtex
> software...

Sorry, I am not sure about this question. Greenstone has a plugin called
"" which is in charge of extract metadata from bibliography

> Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english
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