Re: changing greenstone

From Gordon Paynter
DateThu, 10 Apr 2003 13:00:05 -0700 (PDT)
Subject Re: changing greenstone
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Stef wrote:
> This makes me think perhaps it should be
> ConvertToPlug rather than UnknownPlug that has the new
> functionality added.
> That is, at present ConvertToPlug can't be used directly.
> It's like BasPlug in that it's only ever used as a base
> class from which other "usable" plugins are derived. Perhaps
> we could change this to allow ConvertToPlug to be used
> directly, with the new -converter and
> -pass_arguments_to_converter options to specify how the
> conversion is done.

That seems like the most sensible approach. It's always bugged me that
you can't use ConvertToPlug directly. (Not enough to do any coding at
this point).

As a first step, it might be easier to make a seperate sibclass of
ConvertToPlug that takes the options deascribed, rather than editing
ConvertToPlug directly.

> > Other 'convertors' that I would like to use from within
> > GSDL could include;
> >
> > * an XSLT processor - so I could customise how I
> > harvested TEI and DOCBOOK XML formats, harvest [and
> > search] RSS feeds from news services, blogs and
> > yahoo-groups, or indeed any XML ML.
> >
> > * jocr/gocr OSS OCR software?
> >
> > Please let me know what you think.

This sounds like agreat idea, for exactly this reason.