Re: changing greenstone

From Gordon Paynter
DateWed, 2 Apr 2003 08:44:45 -0800 (PST)
Subject Re: changing greenstone
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Stef wrote:

> My feeling is that we should simply alter so it always uses
> the -hidden switch, except when the -complex option is passed to
> PDFPlug. This way we have a situation where:
> 1. PDFs without hidden text will continue to be processed correctly
> (with or without -complex being set) since the -hidden flag has no
> effect on them.
> 2. PDFs with hidden text will be processed correctly if -complex is not
> set.
> 3. PDFs with hidden text will come out looking nice if -complex is set
> but they won't have their text extracted.

I have two suggestions: either

(1) do what you've described, but replacing -complex with a more meanigful
name; or

(2) remove the -hidden flag and leave this functionality on by default and
offer a -no-hidden flag (that turns -hidden off) that people can use in
conjunction with -complex if they want to.