[greenstone-users] Suggestion: documentation of dependencies and of Internet addressing parameters

From H.M. Gladney
DateMon, 5 Mar 2007 12:13:27 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] Suggestion: documentation of dependencies and of Internet addressing parameters
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In attempting to install Greenstone (both under Windows/NT and under Ubuntu Linux) I have repeatedly encountered unsatisfied dependences, such as for Java code.  This typically appears in a message in the middle of installation, necessitating later repeating steps that are sometimes tricky to invoke correctly.
It would help Greenstone Library administrators greatly if, as a preface to every set of installation instructions in the Greenstone documentation, there would be a complete list of dependencies.  Each entry should include a sofware version and also the Web address of exemplary download sites.
Furthermore, long experience has taught me that setting Internet addressability is often trouble-prone, perhaps because the documentation of applications tends to be sketchy and hard to locate.  It would help library administrators, especially with setting up remote Greenstone library administration, to include as a subsection of every Greenstone installation documentation section, a list of the addressing parameters that includes for each, a clear statement of its purpose, an indication of what symptoms of incorrect values might occur, and a sample setting.  I would want this for Greenstone clients as well as Greenstone servers, and for prerequisites such as Apache.
Cheerio, Henry