RE: [greenstone-users] Multiple Contributers?

From James Brunskill
DateThu, 10 May 2007 09:29:14 +1200
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Multiple Contributers?
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Hi Belinda,

Are you going to want your repository solution to be available on the
internet with search engines indexing your content and people linking to
specific documents? Because greenstone is based around a cgi script
with complex urls it may not be the ideal software for this purpose...

The other thing to consider is that greenstone is based around documents
rather than 'works' you can have document in several sections linked
together but it isn't like say dspace where you can just attach another
document to a record. Because it is so customisable you could probably
get around a number of these things, but it is a different
philosophy/focus from other repository solutions.

Greenstone has a java applet version which you can access a collection
via the web. However I don't think greenstone takes any steps to prevent
problems with multiple access...

They could also run the full version of gli from a shared folder on a
server or something like that, although I haven't really tried this

I'm happy to be corrected by the community if anything I have said above
is wrong :) I'm certainly not a greenstone expert...


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> Hi all,
> I'm still trying to choose a repository solution.
> Does your Greenstone Library have multiple contributers from
> different computers?
> Does each of your contributers have GLI installed on their computers?
> If yes, how does it work?
> Thanks,
> Belinda