[greenstone-users] Accent folding in Spanish

From John Rose
DateSun, 04 Nov 2007 11:16:53 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Accent folding in Spanish
I am writing for Florencia Vergara of CLACSO in Buenos Aires.

The accent folding function seems to work fine,
but there is a display problem (at least in
Spanish, but I assume also in the other
languages). I am referring to a collection built
under MGPP and Greenstone 2.71 (but apparently
the same thing happens with Greenstone 2.74).

When you go into a collection to search (for
example "Secretaría Ejecutiva" at ,
searching in the full text for economia or
economía) the actual default is NOT to use accent
folding, but when you go into preferences the
first time, the accent folding choice is checked.
In order to use accent folding, you have to click
on "set preferences" and then do a search.
Assuming that I am right (I am not so good at
detail), it would be best ensure that the
preference screen, when called, always shows the
actual preference (either dafault or user
chosen). Perhaps this problem occurs also with other preference parameters?

Thanks and best regards, John

John B. Rose
1 Bis, Rue des Châtre-Sacs
92310 Sèvres
Email: <johnrose@alumni.caltech.edu>