[greenstone-users] dealing with Korean in GS

From Julian Fox
DateMon, 02 Apr 2007 16:25:36 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] dealing with Korean in GS
If anyone has experience dealing with CJK languages they might be able
to help me with this one. I have a Korean text already in html. When I
check its character set it seems to be using gb2312 which is simplified
Chinese. I can open it up in my browser and see that it's pretty
clearly Korean however - and a Korean could read it!
When I adjusted the html plug for simplified Chinese, at least I got a
result which indicates there is text - but it is just oblongs. With
other encoding I couldn't even get that far - I tried Korean Hangul and
just got blanks.
As I say, if someone has had to deal with this in Greenstone they almost
certainly have a way to deal with it. At the moment my only solution is
to run the text to pdf then used pagedimage - that way users can read
the text but they can't search it.
Solution(s would be much appreciated - if such exist(s).