[greenstone-users] Word conversion

From Julian Fox
DateMon, 06 Aug 2007 19:09:07 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Word conversion
Richard, Oran,
Many thanks for your recommendations regarding 2.73 and conversion of
Word docs with a Feisty/LAMP installation. The updated version of
wvWare has done the trick for about 99% of cases, so I have to regard
that as a success! It certainly didn't trip up on earlier conversions
(at least I haven't found an example yet where it has).
Having a minor problem at the moment with a set of Word files in
Japanese which I put through today - all from the same batch (in other
words the same translator at the same time, saving his files to the same
Word version). It has taken two or three of them and correctly
recognised them as Word, then dutifully converted them to html. But for
the rest, the log tells me that the unknown plug cannot convert to html
- so it is passing the Japanese script onto unknown plug.
Not sure if you would have an hypothesis about this - if a couple of
files in Japanese can be recognised, why not the rest, especially if we
know they are basically the same as the two that were recognised?