[greenstone-users] Creator-Author

From Julian Fox
DateThu, 23 Aug 2007 22:47:56 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Creator-Author
Dear List,
Am looking to solve a little problem. Several collections with only
text files in them (thousands!) really deserve the term 'author' rather
than 'creator', which might be simple enough if I was only dealing with
English. But I note for starters that several other languages opt for
'autore-autor-auteur' (to mention 3) and not createur-creatore-creator,
though Spanish has a bet each way by using both!
My problem is that if I change the English by using the 'button name'
option in the relevant browsing classifier, my 'language' groups then
fail to represent the term 'author'. They are looking for 'creator'!
They give up and just say 'author'!
How di I over come this, and more to the point, could someone be precise
about it for me please - assuming I change the 'creator' to 'author' in
English, what would I then do to ensure that, say Italian and Spanish
and French and Portuguese will still run their autor-autore-auteurs?