[greenstone-users] ***[possibile_SPAM]***A double (or triple) whammy. Several pent up questions!

From Julian Fox
DateFri, 04 May 2007 21:07:20 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] ***[possibile_SPAM]***A double (or triple) whammy. Several pent up questions!
Hi list,
Been a while - I'm pretty much on top of most 'normal' things with GS but there's a couple of little questions that are bugging me - one or two I asked much earlier but didn't actually get an answer to.  Someone out there may have a quick and precise answer for me.
(1) I'm running collections in five or six languages - I've got the home page with a few lines in each of those languages (en (default), it, es, pt, ru, ko) which very quickly explains to people what to do for basic things. Why is it they can't go to 'preferences' (the label and the link is there of course and goes to the preferences page) from that home page and change ot their language?  It just doesn't work at that point.  If they choose a collection (any language) and choose a language (any) once they go to preferences from that collection, then it works.  I'd prefer they could operate their language choice from the home page 'preferences' click.  Could anyone tell me how we can achieve that?  Or if not, why not?
(2) even though I'm helping with the Italian translation of bits and pieces (I did many of them - I've not gone back to it for a month or so), I have two questions -
    (i) if I want to make use of the work I did there - the macro files I guess, that I've done - can I get hold of them separately somewhere and just put them into my existing setup?  I'm a bit leery about upgrading to a new version since I've now got so much in and operating and I wouldn't want to ruin anything.  But maybe this next question is another way - if I can work it out: 
    (ii) Where do I find, for example, the Italian bits for the search page - terms like Author, browse format and a couple of others I'm using.  I thought I could find them in the Italian.dm but I can't and in fact I jsut can't find them anywhere - or rather, maybe I can't find them because they haven't been translated; my real question is where would I put them if I translate them?  I don't know whether I've been clear enough. When I DO switch into Italiano in the appropriate 'preferences' page (that is when I've gone to that collection and done my preferences :-) ) I see an Hlist like this: CercaAuthorDataSoggettiTitoli A-Zbrowse format Some are translated but Author and browse format aren't - where do I go to ensure those are translated?
Sorry for being a bit long-winded but I'll be eternally grateful if I can resolve these little glitches.
(3) Oh - just one more, if I may?  The images for the 'home' and 'about' pages.  Can I get the 'home' page image for the collections to be much smaller?  It seems to default to the larger size even if I try to link to the smaller size, and I'd like even smaller ones if I could - can I?  Where do I make that adjustment?