[greenstone-users] Install Wizard & 2.6.2 onto OS X 10.3.2 ERROR

From laura coleman
DateTue, 6 Dec 2005 17:04:54 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Install Wizard & 2.6.2 onto OS X 10.3.2 ERROR
Hair in points! This is driving me crazy!!

I've tried many times to install Greenstone onto my mac (G4 iBook 933)
- the problem SEEMS to be related to keychain / permissions.

Greenstone's Install Shield Wizard loads fine, I get to "Click next to
install 'Greenstone Library Software' to this directory, or click
Browse to install to a different directory.

Clicking "Next" generates pop-up error dialog:

"Error: /Applications/greenstone is not writable."


I assume this means admin privileges are required to modify apps
directory... but HOW can I get past this wall when no (as usual) system
prompt opens to enable me to log in as admin?

It's possible I could install s/w into another directory, but I'm
unfamiliar (understatement) with working with / in Terminal and
research indicates that if I install anywhere OTHER than "Applications"
I'll have to manually make changes (i.e. config file...)

Greenstone wizards have been consulted on this, but it's the OS X
specific nature of the dilemma that's stumping everyone (so far!)

ANY suggestions would be most welcome! Thanks for your time and any

- laura