[greenstone-users] associate_tail_re

From Michael Silver
DateSun Apr 11 05:25:25 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] associate_tail_re

I am trying to get associate_tail_re to work with a collection I'm
building using Greenstone 2.83. I'm hoping to be able to associate sets
of files into something like the compound item used in CONTENTdm. For
ease of testing, I'm using four files,


If I use associate_ext, I can successfully associate Title.doc with
Title.pdf and Title-part2.txt. What I want is to associate Title.doc
with Title-part2.doc.

If I enter -part2.doc into associate_tail_re, no association is created.
If I enter -part2..* the PDF and TXT files are associated. I've tried
various combinations of regular expressions and filenames, but I have
not been able to get the result I'm looking for.

According to what I've read in tickets in trac.greenstone.org and in the
mailing list archives, associate_tail_re should be able to do this, but
I've been unable to locate any details or examples. Can anyone point me
in the right direction, or provide some examples?

Any suggestions or pointers are welcome. I've tried RTFM, but I'm
obviously looking in the wrong manuals!:-)Thank you!


P.S. If you're interested, the actual case (instead of testing) is to
combine musical scores with instrumental parts, e.g.,

SongTitle.pdf (score)
SongTitleTrpts.pdf (trumpet parts)
SongTitleTbones.pdf (trombones)
SongTitleSax.pdf (saxes)
SongTitleRhythm.pdf (rhythm section)

If I could get past the above problem, I should be able to create a
regex to match (Trpts|Tbones|Sax|Rhythm).pdf. I hope.