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From Michael Silver
DateFri Aug 20 17:25:30 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] CD/DVD image
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My experience with this is that the server creates a configuration file
(llssite.cfg) if it is run from a file location that is writable. That
file contains path information for the collection. So, if you write the
image and then test it, the configuration file contains various file
location information (e.g., C:My Collectionsexported). When you copy
the files to the CD or DVD, the files are no longer in that location,
and so the CD doesn't work. Ditto if it's unzipped in a different
directory, used on a usb stick, etc.

Simply delete the llssite.cfg from the exported collection directory
before burning to the CD or DVD, and it should work. If you're copying
it to a usb stick that is writable, it will still create that file, and
that may cause problems if it's used on multiple computers (e.g., on my
computer the stick gets the drive letter F: while on your computer it
gets assigned to H: because of other drives).

Hope this helps,

On 18/08/2010 12:57 PM, Paul Yachnes wrote:
> I wrote a CD/DVD image of a collection and it runs from the location
> it downloaded to. However, I noticed it does not run if I moved the
> folder to another location. I wanted to zip up that folder and place
> it on a server for someone to download. What do I have to do so that
> they can run it? If I make an .iso file will they then be able to run
> it from a virtual drive or burn it to a disc?
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