[greenstone-devel] How can I add new pages to Greenstone?

From Nguyen Thanh Quy
DateMon, 25 Apr 2005 20:54:07 +0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] How can I add new pages to Greenstone?

Dear all,

1)Besides usual pages such as home page, help page, preference page, admin page etc, I’d like to add new pages to Greenstone ,for example, the page named Thesis Collection containing all thesis collections. There is a link to Thesis Collection Page in my home page. How can I define new pages in Greenstone?


2)My home page has 5 following hyperlinks

-Thesis Collection

-Magazine Collection

-Ebook Collection



In “Thesis Collection” page I’d like to show all thesis collections, how can I define that page to show all thesis collections?


3)Does Greenstone interact with aspx pages(supported by ASP.NET)? For example, I have “Login” page written by ASP.NET. When I click “Login” hyperlink in my home page(Greenstone homepage), it redirects to “Login” page. After checking a valid user, I’d like to redirect to the Thesis Collection Page(Greenstone page) to view collections, and show the valid user name in that page. How can I do?


Best regards,


Thành Quy