[greenstone-devel] Some questions about customizing Greenstone interface

From Nguyen Thanh Quy
DateFri, 29 Apr 2005 01:42:18 +0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] Some questions about customizing Greenstone interface

Hi all,

1>In my thesis page, I set GSDL Error{"Thesis page"}, but when I go to my thesis page from my home page(my home page has a link to thesis page), the page title is web address string in the address bar. I don't know why? Can you help me?

2>Do macro file names in the content of file main.cfg have a certain order? My macro file name is "my.dm".So my macro file can't override package Style(I want to change hyperlink colors). When I name it "zzz.dm",it's OK.Do they have a certain order in file main.cfg?

3>I followed the guide "Add new page to Greenstone" and added a new page successfully. But when I added another page to Greenstone, something happened.

I have 4 pages: myhome,thesis,book,magazine. My home page has 3 link to thesis page, book page, magazine page. But in my home page,when I click on the thesis page or magazine page hyperlink ,it redirects to book page!I view my generated home page source, I see that all the links are correct. I don't know why? I think 4 macro files( myhome.dm, thesis.dm, book.dm, magazine.dm) are correct. I also added 4 macro file names to file main.cfg. Maybe there is a bug in your source code C++.

When my home page has only one link to thesis page, everything is all right. I give you my macro files and the file main.cfg(attached files with this email), can you help me?

Best regards,

Thành Quy

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