[greenstone-users] Queryterms function

From Pier Luigi ROSSI
DateWed Mar 9 04:21:48 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Queryterms function
Dear greenstone list,

I use queryterms function to search inside pdf files
the terms used in greenstone form.

In the form we use many indexes.

I suppose a little "bug" in the function :
if we put only a word in the first box, queryterms is "S□n□gal "
if we put only a word in the others box, queryterms is " S□n□gal "
for 2 terms in 2 box, queryterms is "S□n□gal z□bu "
Acrobat reader, don't like spaces around search terms
and the results in search function for pdf isn't so good
(2 documents found for the same document, " found like test, ....)

Could you "trim" queryterms chain ?

Best regards

PL Rossi

Pier Luigi ROSSI
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