[greenstone-users] PDF and multiple values fields

From Pier Luigi ROSSI
DateMon, 06 Aug 2007 17:24:48 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] PDF and multiple values fields
Dear Greenstone-List,

I work with greesntone (Ver. 2.74) and many pdf files.
Pdf files contain metadata in pdf fields like title, author, subject,

First I tell you PDFPlug.pm ignore subject and keywords fields.
(It's easy to put this 2 fields in the PDFPlug.pm but not all the users
now that, and where they have to do).

2nd) Many users ask about a solution to split multiple value fields,
like author, keywords.
It is very important for construct AZCompactList.
Have you got a solution ?
I try to use the new plugin MetadataXMPPlug.pm.
The idea to use this plugin to extract xmp block from pdf files is very
In fact in this block you can find filds metadata in dc format : author
and keywords fields
are split :


Can greesntone import this multiple values like miltiple metadata ?

For other plugins, like ISISPlug.pm, i have a solution to plit keywords,
why not for pdf fields ?

I join to this mail a pdf test file : it contains multiple values fields but
MetadataXMPPlug.pm can't see xmp block .....


Pier Luigi ROSSI

Type: application/pdf
Filename: test1.pdf