RE: [greenstone-devel] A-Z listing help

From Gregory S. Williamson
DateFri, 2 Apr 2004 15:39:13 -0800
Subject RE: [greenstone-devel] A-Z listing help
I have used the following lines in the config file for a collection to get a series of tabs, usually one or two letters per tab (the web site is not yet up so I can't give you a pointer).

indexes document:text document:Title document:Source document:Subject document:Author document:Period
plugin HTMLPlug -metadata_fields Subject,Title,Author,Period,BannerImage

classify AZList -metadata Title
classify AZList -metadata Source
classify AZCompactList -metadata Subject -mingroup 1
classify AZCompactList -metadata Author -mingroup 1 -buttonname "Contributors"
classify AZCompactList -metadata Period -mingroup 1


The Authors get into the compact list structure; the "mingroup 1" makes it so even items with a single entry get treated by the first letter rather than having an entry of their own. Period data includes strings (e.g. "1840", "1852" etc.) and the list compactor treats them as strings -- which is what I would expect offhand as everything is a string in perl, until you need to do a math operation on it. This does mean that your list sorts alphabetically and not in a straightforward numerical order ... e.g. all strings starting with "1" will sort before the strings starting with a "2" even though the numerical value is differnt ("123" will sort before "20", I think).


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Subject:[greenstone-devel] A-Z listing help
I'm using Greenston version 2.41 on Linux with Apache 2.0. I have a
collection of approx. 800 surnames and 176 main pages. Under the
surnames link at
is there a way to keep the same formatting but add an A-Z list so that
it's better organized. I would also like to add a Page 1-176 list that
breaks out exactly like the A-Z list but with numbers instead of letters

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