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Hi Jenn, you would have to have both the french and english terms in the metadata , and you would end up with french and english classifiers.
I am not sure if you could fiddle the macro files so it only showed the one for the classifier you want.  I'll have to leave this one to the developers team.

The other option is to build the collection twice, with the french and english metadata classifiers respectively.  I think this would be easiest.

I understand this is a serious problem.  On our library catalogue we have resources in a vareity of languages and can change our interface accordingly - but all the metadata is in english.


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Thanks Stephen,

I was aware that you could change the interface to french.  I guess what I am trying to figure out is when you change the interface to french that the browsing lists (eg.subject) display french terms as well and when you are in the english interface the english terms are displayed.  Not even sure if this is a possibility in Greenstone.  Thanks for the french DC link, it is useful.


Stephen DeGabrielle wrote:

I am not sure what you mean- but I have two options for you - let me
know what you think;

1. Greenstone has a search iterface in many languages including french
- The interface can be set to default to whatever language you like.
(See the Maori Newspapers Collection at for an

2. You can use the metadata editor to make metadata sets of your own.
If dublin Core (or the others which are all in english) is not
suitable then you can either use a french metadata set or make a new
metadata set with the metadata editor tool.

Maybe DC in french to to make it easier to use?  I found this
I don't know how good it is.


On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:03:59 -0800, Jenn Cole
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I have a collection of texual docuements that I have embedded subject
metadata into the section html code, so greenstone is extracting it for
me.  Is there a way to have a french equivilent of the metadata without
having to redo french metadata in the html code?  Has anyone tackled
this before?  It is just the subject terms that need to be in french
they will still point to the same english document.

Jenn Cole

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