[greenstone-users] Problem with fonts

From Haik Zargaryan
DateThu Jun 16 18:58:23 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Problem with fonts
Dear Greenstone community

Our library (Fundamental Scientific Library of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia )
implements Greenstone 2.82 to make some of our colections online accessible. We have recently decided to switch to Greenstone 2.84. However, there is a problem associated with this upgrade.
Particularly, when I assign a button name for the AZList browsing classifier using armenian fonts, namely ?-?, the Greenstone does not recognize these characters and after building the collection it shows strange symbols □-□ instead of the assigned value (?-?). Interestingly, Greenstone clearly understands Armenian fonts in our sections of the program. May be the problem is in the browsing calssifiers?□

Thanks in advance
Hayk Zargarian.
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