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DateThu Mar 27 12:40:43 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re:PagedImgPlug.pm GSDL 2.72
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Hi Heather

Do you get your documents displaying with arrows, but no page content
If so, then it probably is your format statement that is wrong.

You can look at the scanned image tutorial for help:
(also, there is advanced one,

You need to change DocumentText format statement.
Remove [Text] and add [srcicon] or something similar ([Screen] if you
used the -screenview option).


Heather Rolen wrote:

>I made the adjustments you recommend and the PagedImgPlug appears to process my .item file but the images do not appear after the build.
>Images are named 001.jpg etc and the .item file looks like this:
> 1:001.jpg::
> 2:002.jpg::
> 3:003.jpg::
> 4:004.jpg::
> 5:005.jpg::
> 6:006.jpg::
> 7:007.jpg::
> 8:008.jpg::
> 9:009.jpg::
> 10:010.jpg::
> 11:011.jpg::
> 12:012.jpg::
>Documenttype is set to paged and I have the format features set to 'True' for DocumentArrowsTop and DocumentArrowsBottom
>What else could I missing?
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>Hi Heather:
>You have to do the following:
>I supposse you have in import folder all jpg files and a text file named
>something.item (the extension MUST BE .item).
>This text file can have two formats: plain or xml. XML format is what you
>have done and it offers a hierarchical structure of the document, but to
>process it you have to configure your plugin like this:
>pluginPagedImgPlug -documenttype hierarchy
>I also think that your file has some errors: you are not closing page tags.
>The following lines show a file I have used in ky collection:
><Metadata name="Title">User Guide</Metadata>
><Metadata name="Author">John Fox</Metadata>
><Metadata name="Date">2005</Metadata>
><Metadata name="Title">Chapter 1</Metadata>
> <Page pagenum="1" imgfile="3000002.tif" txtfile="3000002.txt"></Page>
> <Page pagenum="2" imgfile="3000003.tif" txtfile="3000003.txt"></Page>
> <Page pagenum="3" imgfile="3000004.tif" txtfile="3000004.txt"></Page>
> <Page pagenum="4" imgfile="3000005.tif" txtfile="3000005.txt"></Page>
><Metadata name="Title">Chapter 2</Metadata>
> <Page pagenum="5" imgfile="3000006.tif" txtfile="3000006.txt"></Page>
> <Page pagenum="6" imgfile="3000007.tif" txtfile="3000007.txt"></Page>
><Metadata name="Title">Chapter 3</Metadata>
> <Page pagenum="7" imgfile="3000008.tif" txtfile="3000008.txt"></Page>
> <Page pagenum="8" imgfile="3000009.tif" txtfile="3000009.txt"></Page>
>The second option is to create a "plain" .item file, that will show you
>navigation bars and a "Go to page" option. So, the format of this file is
>something like this:
><Title>User Guide
><Author>John Fox
> 1:3000002.tif:3000002.txt:
> 2:3000003.tif:3000003.txt:
> 3:3000004.tif:3000004.txt:
> 4:3000005.tif:3000005.txt:
> 5:3000006.tif:3000006.txt:
> 6:3000007.tif:3000007.txt:
> 7:3000008.tif:3000008.txt:
> 8:3000009.tif:3000009.txt:
>To process this kind of .item file you must change plugin as follows:
>pluginPagedImgPlug -documenttype paged
>Hope these help you.
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>Asunto: [greenstone-users] PagedImgPlug.pm GSDL 2.72
>I have some questions after having read the documentation included in
>PagedImgPlug.pm for creating an image collection with navigation features.
>I'm running Greenstone 2.72 on a windows server. This collection is a simple
>book consisting only of page images, no text, or OCR. I would like to add
>the 'go to page' feature as well as navarrows. When I build the collection
>with PagedImgPlug the page images are not ingested and so do not display at
>all. When I build with the ImagePlug the images display but I can not add
>navigation features (navarrow). Here is an excerpt of my xml file:
><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
><Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata>
><Page pagenum="1" imgfile="001.jpg"
><Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata> </Page>
><Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata> <Page pagenum="2"
><Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata> </Page> </PagedDocument>
>Is the PagedImgPlug.pm required for backward and forward navigation and go
>to menu, or can I use the Image plugin? If so, would someone be willing to
>share an example of their PagedImgPlug.pm with me so I can compare?
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