[greenstone-devel] the question about Greenstone3

From Feng Wang
DateTue, 13 Mar 2007 02:21:31 +0100 (CET)
Subject [greenstone-devel] the question about Greenstone3
Dearly developer of team Greenstone,
I am the student of the university Dortmund (Germany). I write the master
thesis now about the open source DL Daffodil. One requirement of the
master thesis is the combination with the DL Grennstone3 into Daffodil.
But I found not the API-Doc about the Greenstone.
Can you tell me, how can I integrate the function into my digital library
“Daffodil” actually? Have you some API-Document about the System
Greenstone or the sample–code for the programming into the external
System? Which Protocol or architecture for the programming with the
Greenstone should I now know oder learn?
Please help me! Thank you!
Feng Wang