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From graeme
DateFri, 29 Jun 2007 10:52:27 +1000
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Query: programming language for plugins
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Hi Henry,

Sorry bit I can't really help you with Perl or Greenstone plugins , however, just in case you were unaware of it look at the Exuberant ctags project it is used by many editors for syntax highlighting and for IDEs when building class structures. That should help you to extract from the source code useful meta data items.

From their documentation these are the languages it supports:
Assembler, AWK, ASP, BETA, Bourne/Korn/Z Shell, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Eiffel, Erlang, Fortran, Java, Lisp, Lua, Makefile, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, REXX, Ruby, Scheme, S-Lang, SML (Standard ML), Tcl, Vera, Verilog, Vim, and YACC


On 6/29/07, H.M. Gladney <> wrote:

To support collections of source code, the Software Preservation Group of the Computer History Museum will need to find or write plugins to extract search indices for files in various programming source languages.

Can Greenstone plugins be written in languages other than Perl?  (Perhaps this is feasible with subroutines called by higher level Perl programs.)

If so, does any reader of this posting have examples to share?  (Nobody who can avoid doing so writes a program from scratch.)

Background: I am a GSDL newbie who has never written a Perl program.  If I have to learn Perl, I will do so, but ...

Cheerio, Henry       H.M. Gladney, Ph.D.

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