[greenstone-users] User restrictions

From manjula wijewickrema
DateWed Feb 25 22:18:06 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] User restrictions
Dear All,

I am a layman for the Greenstone Digital Library software and using version
2.81rc2. Upto now, I was
able to successfully build a collection and these days try to give the user
restrictions (wahat I want to do is, allow to access a particular collection

only for a specific group of people, by assigning a user name, password or
however) under,

Format---->General----->'This collection should be publicly accessible'.

But even I leave the check box 'This collection should be publicly
accessible' without checking, final collection is possible to access by
anyone. So, if you can please let me know, what is the reason for this? Is
this not the correct place to give the user restrictions or is there any
mistake I have made?
I appreciate any reply from you.

Thanking You,
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