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From xiao
DateThu, 24 May 2007 21:24:56 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Items Count in one page
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On 5/18/07, PaingThu Chit <> wrote:
Hello All,
  I would like to ask about totel number of items which can be shown in one page. In my collection, I have a one AZlist classifier which to show all the items in collection. And when I browse that list, I found one problem that is if the items total are more than 25, then the #26 item metadata are not shown.I can see only thumnail icon but no metadata beside it. Can anyone help me solve that problem? Thanks in advance.
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  Paing Thu Chit

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Hi PaingThu,

What appears besides the thumbnail depends on the metadata you specify in the Vlist format statement. From your description, my guess is that you probably built your collection based on a metadata which does have a value for the 26# item (that's why it shows up when you browse the list), but the metadata that you specified in the format statement (following [thumbicon]) might not have values. You can check this in the Enrich panel.

Hope this helps

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