Re: [greenstone-users] OAI download problem

From xiao
DateWed, 13 Jun 2007 10:22:55 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] OAI download problem
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Hi Karen,

- the files that are downloaded (at location C:Documents and
are 4.oai , 7.oai and 8.oai . These are also the files that are
downloaded when I do NOT cross the 'get_doc', so I presume these files
contain the metadata. However I do not know what to do with these files.
What should I do to make Greenstone extract the metadata (which are in
Dublin Core) ?

You are right, the .oai files are the metadata files, which each contain an xml record for one source document (you can open and check it in notepad or web browser). To build a collection using these files, check out here. There is also a sample collection about OAI in here.

Instead of downloading metadata from DSpace, you can also use the export feature of DSpace combined with Greenstone's DSpace plugin and unknown plugin to move the content between the two systems. Here is a great article about this in the D-Lib magazine: StoneD A Bridge between Greenstone and DSpace.

I tried downloading three files whiwh have in my DSpace identifier
numbers: 123456789/4, 123456789/7 and 123456789/8

- there is a srcdocs drectory, but it is empty. It is at the location:
C:Documents and SettingsEigenaarApplication

To figure out why the  source docs were not retrieved, check the log output. Did you see anything regrading that?

Here is another way to find out what happened. In one of the downloaded .oai files, the record element contains a field called <identifier>, which should contain a url. Copy it into a web browser's address bar, do you see the source document that you have in your repository? If not, then you have to go back and modify the OAI record to point to the correct source doc location.

Hope this helps

Greenstone Digital Library
New Zealand