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From Belanger, Arthur
DateWed Dec 3 07:07:00 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Endnote export to GLI
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We have done this quite successfully. We exported several EndNote libraries in BibTex format and then imported them into GS using the BibTex plugin (BibTexPlug). The trick is to export in BibTex format. We have just over 10,000 records in this collection.

The Greenstone archives are available at http://nzdl.sadl.uleth.ca/cgi-bin/library?a=p&p=about&c=gsarch

You should also see http://www.greenstone.org/support for more options.

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Bula (hello),

First, I would like to know if the Endnote reference database can somehow be imported into Greenstone, and if yes, how do I go about doing this? And if there are any disadvantages to this as opposed to entering information directly into GLI?

Secondly, I would like to know if its possible to search the archives of postings made on this Greenstone listserver, so a person could search that first and apply solutions proposed in it, before repeating any postings here.

Vinaka (thanks),
Ron Vave

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