[greenstone-devel] reformat dates in a collection?

From Belanger, Arthur
DateFri Mar 19 04:17:04 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] reformat dates in a collection?
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How was the metadata changed? Through the GLI? If so, then the metadata.xml files should have been changed by the GLI, at least this is my understanding of how the system works; we do not use the GLI.

After changing the metadata.xml files, I would do use:

Import.pl -removeold collectionname

This will remove all items in the archives tree and reimport the entire collection.

This strategy will not work if you changed the metadata by editing the doc.xml files created by the import process.

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Thank you, Arthur. There are metadata.xml files under the import
directory in each collection. However, the data in the collections has
been changed since the original import. So, presumably, changing the
metadata and importing again will either duplicate items or eradicate
the changes depending on the import option, right? Or, will the
'-incremental' option update the metadata for the original imported
items without removing new ones?


Jim Hart
Bates College

On 3/18/10 8:54 AM, Belanger, Arthur wrote:
> Hi Jim.
> Your metadata is likely to be in the file GSDLHOME/collect/collectionname/import/metadata.xml though you may have it in some other file but probably in the import directory. You can run a script against the metadata file(s) in the import directory, reimport the data and rebuild the collection.
> Good luck.

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