[greenstone-users] further to the ppt icon issue

From Belanger, Arthur
DateWed Sep 3 05:06:28 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] further to the ppt icon issue
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Have you tried the -block_exp <regexp> option on the UnknownPlug line in collect.cfg?

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Just to add to the possible clues (which I currently cannot interpret
correctly) a number of Powerpoint files (*.ppt for sure) are being
handled by the UnknownPlug rather than the PPTPlug, which is what is
forcing the video icon and the lack of extracted text, obviously. But
if I click on these files under the Enruch tab they DO open as
Powerpoint files, correctly. So I guess my real question may be how do I
prevent UnknownPlug from doing what belongs to the PPTPlug? Or should I
be working out why that is happening in the first place?

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