[greenstone-users] Linux upgrade advice

From Belanger, Arthur
DateWed Sep 10 08:27:32 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Linux upgrade advice
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Hi Julian.

I have done this by installing the new version in a new directory. I have a directory where all my greenstone installations live, /usr/local/greenstone. Under this directory I have the individual versions:


This preserves whatever you have customized.

In my web server (apache 2) configuration file, I have set up virtual hosts, each with their own /gsdl directory. So, http://host252.xxx.xxx.edu/gsdl/cgi-bin/library points to gsdl 2.52
http://host274.xxx.xxx.edu/gsdl/cgi-bin/library points to gsdl 2.74


I move one collection at a time to the new version and make sure it is functioning properly. When I am satisfied that all the collections are working properly, I remove the older versions of greenstone.

If you do not have lots of disk, you can use symbolic links to have the new collect directory point back to the original collect directory.

When you are ready to do the final switchover, just change the /gsdl alias in the httpd.conf file to point to the new installation.

All this can be a little confusing but it has worked for me. Feel free to contact me off list if you need more of the gory details.

Good luck!
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Hi all,
I'm sure someone has upgraded Greenstone on a Linux box. With by now
some 200,000 digital objects in our collections and some particular
configurations, I cannot afford any errors! I wish to upgrade from 2.73
to 2 .8x on a K/Ubuntu OS. All the descriptions I find are to do with
Windows, hence I'd like some practical advice on just what to do in the
Linux case. Obviously I must protect the Collections folder, but there
will be macros and configurations I have altered that I also want to
keep - so how exactly do I go about it? Has someone gone through this
and could list for me what to do? I'm concerned that if I just do an
'install.sh' in the GS 2.8 new version I may wipe out certain
configurations I wish to keep. Obviously I have everything backed up in
case there are errors, but best to avoid these in the first place - or
is this all written somewhere? Seems that the manuals deal mostly with
Windows. Basically I don't do Windows!

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