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From Belanger, Arthur
DateWed Sep 10 08:31:45 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Linux upgrade advice
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I've been running on Linux for several years and it works just great. The only time it has gotten a bit tricky is setting up the gli applet for remote collection building. That is just getting the right version of java installed in a place where GS can find it.

I have a test server on Windows and it works ok but I don't like the MS overhead.

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I have been monitoring the list for a few weeks since we are starting a
digitalization project here at our library, and I had finally decided to
use Greenstone . However, nearly all of the servers we use are Linux,
and my general impression from the Greenstone web site was that
Greenstone ran well on Linux. Is that not the case? If it doesn't, or
it's MS Windows-centric, then before we proceed any further I need to
look for a different application.

Appreciate any responses.

Greg Lawson
Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
1912 N. Belt Highway
St. Joseph, MO 64506
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Julian Fox wrote:
> Hi all,
> ... All the descriptions I find are to do with Windows... Basically I
> don't do Windows!
> Julian

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