[greenstone-users] Newbie ?s: "publishing" a collection, workflow

From Mike Brown
DateFri Jun 20 06:33:07 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Newbie ?s: "publishing" a collection, workflow
Hi. I have GLI installed on my Windows XP machine. We have Greenstone also
installed on our Apache web server. (Our sysadmin loved the point and click
Linux install, BTW!)

The goal is to create a collection of our digital assets and make that
accessible to people within our building. Along the way, I want to organize
the collection with sufficient metadata so that our users can find/discover
these assets easily on their own. The assets will include Word files,
graphics, animation files, images, and so on.

Question 1: I can access the admin interface on the server via my web
browser and have successfully edited a cfg file.

I'm starting to work through the tutorials and did the simple_HTML
collection exercise. When I click "preview collection" I see nothing, of
course, because the collection is on my Windows PC, not on the server.

Just want to confirm that to check my progress on this tutorial, I have to
copy the contents of "C:Program FilesGreenstonecollect<collection>" to
the server's "gsdlhome/collect" directory. Then, at the Greenstone server
page, the appropriate Collections button magically appears. I click on it
and then I can see the collection's content. (The sysadmin will have to
chmod the server directory for me.)

This makes me think that GLI's "Preview Collection" button is really not
useful to me, since I'm not running the web server on my PC. (That's fine
if it isn't; I just need to know so that I can ignore it in future.)

Question 2: I'm trying to figure out a workflow for a growing collection of
materials that will collect on my PC and that will be pushed into a
collection and then pushed up to the web server. It looks as if I'll process
them in batches on my PC and then push them to the server. This will
therefore be an incremental, growing collection. Does anyone foresee
problems or trapdoors I should avoid or plan for? Any tips or clues would be


Mike Brown
Research Triangle Park, NC
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