[greenstone-users] Imagemagick knows PSD, but GS doesn't?

From Mike Brown
DateFri Jun 27 14:51:08 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Imagemagick knows PSD, but GS doesn't?
Hi. Just tried my first ingest of sample files of all the types we create:
JPG, PNG, DOC, PPT, VSD, MP4, PSD, PDF, and so on. There are probably others
I haven't ingested yet.

Based on a New Collection, so a good basic set of plugins are there.

ImagePlug is there but it didn't recognize the Photoshop file PSD, even
though I know the ImageMagick software does. If IM knows what a Photoshop
format is, why doesn't the plugin return that info to GS? Could the PSD be
corrupt? (I had several PDF files whose extracted title info were

GS had trouble with MP4 (video) also.

I can create UnknownPlugs for the Visio, Photoshop, and Quicktime files, but
I think it may leave my users somewhat stranded. For some things, like the
Visio, I could print the graphic to PDF or GIF and simply keep both the
Visio and the derivative in the collection.

Any suggestions from others who've faced unknown formats?

Thanks -- Mike Brown, Research Triangle Park, NC
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