[greenstone-users] [greenstone-user]Indexer MG/MGPP or Lucene?

From Richard Managh
DateThu Mar 27 14:28:29 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] [greenstone-user]Indexer MG/MGPP or Lucene?
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Hi Zulhakim Bin Esa,

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 8:56 PM, zulhakim esa <zulhakimesa@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi list,
> I have 2 collections with different metadata sets. Is it possible to do
> the cross collection search? Let say i have col1 and col2. col1 metadata set
> i used dc, and for col2 i used my own metadata set called ms. So is it
> possible to do the cross collection search.
> Second question is, what is the condition to make the cross collecction
> search is possible? I have read this at mailing list but it is still not
> enough information.Can someone tell me the details about the indexer
> MG,MGPP and Lucene?
> Zulhakim Bin Esa
> Research Assistant,
> University of Malaya
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I believe that the collections have to have the same indexes. However, I
imagine that if you had one index built in each collection on Allfields, it
would work. But I don't think you can have indexes on metadata in one
collection that dosent exist in another collection for the supercollection
functionality to work properly.

Take a look at

- Bibliography
tiny collection of 10 bibliography entries illustrates the
*supercollection* facility which searches several collections
together, seamlessly. It operates together with the bibliography collection,
and its configuration file is almost the same.

on this page: http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Example_collections


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