Re: [greenstone-users] Title list W-P?

DateThu, 2 Oct 2003 08:43:11 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Title list W-P?

You can check what the classifier has created by using the db2text utility to convert the
file to a text file which you can then inspect by searching for the relevant classifier (CL1,CL2)
db2txt eastt.ldb > db.txt

It is most likely the classifier, which one did you use?


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> Subject: [greenstone-users] Title list W-P?
>I am working on a collection of PDF documents. On the title list, the
>alphabet links on the top show as

>A-D E L-P W-P

>I am puzzled by W-P. Where did the P come from?

>I used "DC.Title.section" as the metadata for the title classifier and the
>"DC.Title" for the CL1VList for the display. This is because we put the
>date in the title with the format of (Month date, year) which did not
>display the title in the correct order. (December displayed before
>November, for example) So, we added a hidden field DC.Title.section, in
>which we put "title yyyy-mm-dd" format, and we use this field as the
>classifier so the titles display in the correct order by date. It worked
>fine for our purpose. However, I don't know where the W-P came from. All
>metadata records were created automatically by a script and only a few
>records were edited manually. I checked those records and did not find any

>Any ideas?

>Here is the URL. Click on the Titles, you will see the problem.



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