Re: [greenstone-users] Is there a way to have Next <-> Previous links

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DateWed, 29 Oct 2003 14:03:59 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Is there a way to have Next <-> Previous links

I have a couple of ideas to give a functionality 'sort of' like you asked for; they may require writing some javascript to manipulate another window/frame.

1.You could put a thumbnail version of the document in the metadata of your document - thus allowing you to display more while browsing;  (javascript or css could be used to keep it hidden untill selected)

2. (for images only)embedding something like [<br><img src="/gsdl/collect/gsarch/index/assoc/[archivedir]/0/0.jpg">] in my format statements lets me include the first page of a document in my search results/browse - a bit unweildly by itself but as with the thumbnails is not to hard to add a bit of javascript (or CSS) to make it neater.  (Could be extended to the first few pages)

3. (for text) Embed a copy of a portion of the document in the metadata - I don't think greenstone/mg cares what you put in metadata fields.- then display it with format statements and javascript.

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>> I have a couple of image collections built - (Linux, 2.39) - and I
>> would like to be able to add a link for Previous and Next to the
>> Document Display pages.... You know - so that a user could
>> browse thru by title or results of a search without having to go
>> back to the AZList or Results page.
>...right - the principle of what you wish to achieve is simple.  However,
>Greenstone doesn't support either at present - I'll explain more about this
>in the rest of the message.


>> So - HELP! is it possible and I just missed it? Or, am I
>> wishing for something that doesn't exist? I found the:
>> format DocumentArrowsBottom option - but it says
>> (p 43, developer's manual) that works for linking to
>> the next, previous section....
>...that applies within the document - i.e. to link to the next or previous
>section of the same document.  It doesn't support moving between documents.
>Furthermore, when you ask about moving across documents, it is worthwhile
>remembering that an AZList is a permanent list, so the same document always
>comes next, unless one has just performed a rebuild of the index.  On the
>other hand, a search result list is a temporary list, and one would have to,
>in effect, rerun the search and find the catalogue number for the next
>document.  Therefore, providing that "dynamic" facility would require more
>effort than providing a movement through a permanent list.

>To add the facility you require would require some additional programming of
>Greenstone to ensure that the buttons linked to the correct document.  This
>would probably require the services of an experienced programmer.

>I'm sorry not to be of more immediate help, but I trust that the above is of
>some assistance...

>George Buchanan

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