Re: [greenstone-users] Programming Languages of Greenstone

DateTue, 7 Oct 2003 09:09:40 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Programming Languages of Greenstone


The GLI, a new addition to greenstone, is written in java.

and don't forget the unnamed languages in macro files and in format statements, developed by the greenstone people, these two little  languages do a lot to make greenstone easier to configure. Imagine having to recompile your c++ code and restart the runtime each time you wanted to modify the interface!

there is also the Organizer  - another tool to help with collection building - I am only guessing but I think it is written in Visual Basic.



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>> The developer's guide mentioned that Greenstone is written
>> in C++ (with STL). I notice that there are some java files
>> there (not just GUI part) and some Perl codes. My question
>> is: what are the languages Greenstone using? What are
>> their responsibilities? (C++, Java, Perl)?
>C++ is used for the runtime of Greenstone.  In addition,
>many of the tools used to build collections are also written
>in C++.  Perl is used to combine the different building tools
>together in order to simplify the user's experience of the
>build process.  Java is used for the Phind phrase browsing
>interface only - though a Java interface to the Greenstone
>server can also be used for those wishing to create a new
>interface running as a Java application or applet.
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