[greenstone-users] unicode character/letter synonyms in mg

From Stephen.DeGabrielle@cdu.edu.au
DateWed, 1 Oct 2003 16:21:32 +0930
Subject [greenstone-users] unicode character/letter synonyms in mg
Hi, I hope this isn't a silly question....

...how does mg (and mg++) deal with searching for accented characters?

I am working with a Portuguese language collection and I have noticed a
number of words are spelt with and without accents on particular
Sometimes there are even different accents, which are different to the
Portuguese language spell-check dictionary that I use. (Omnipage Pro 12)

I am assuming I am dealing with the same word ,which may not always be the
case, many times I feel the unaccented version was used due to the printing
technology available to the publisher; sometimes they did not have the
right accent available.

I am unable to find any literature on the subject (but I may be searching
with the wrong terms. hahaha).


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