[greenstone-users] Collection size anomaly

From Steve Johnson
DateWed Aug 25 11:45:33 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Collection size anomaly
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Should one expect anomalies when checking the total size of a Greenstone
collection, perhaps particularly in a Windows environment? I have a
Greenstone 2.82 collection which, according to Windows file manager, is
larger than the total space-in-use on the drive on which Greenstone

I built the collection on a Windows XP desktop machine. The size of the
collection displays as 145 gig (on the property sheet for the named
collection folder, inside the collect folder.) The computer contains one
160 gig disk, which shows 90 gig as being free and 70 gig in use.

The 4982 import files. in 780 folders, in this Greenstone collection
occupy 46 gig. I am getting ready to move this collection to a Linux
development server for testing prior to deployment on a live Linux server.
An accurate take on collection size is obviously important. Am I missing
something about the way Greenstone organizes files on Windows systems?

I would appreciate any pointers or comments, on or off list. I did not
find this subject in the mailing list archives.

Steve Johnson
Systems Coordinator/Management Team
Alaska Resources Library & Information Services (ARLIS)