[greenstone-devel] Section and Document Level Metadata Issues

From Mark Sullivan
DateTue, 2 Aug 2005 20:48:50 -0400
Subject [greenstone-devel] Section and Document Level Metadata Issues

We are currently running Greenstone 2. Both of my issues are in regards to
collections which use the PagedImgPlug-in, and have to do with section-level
versus document-level metadata. For now, we are using the librarian
interface to enrich each document's metadata. As I can not modify the
entire folder, I am selecting the '.item' file in the librarian, and then
adding metadata to that.

1) I am unable to show repeating metadata fields when entering the
formatting statements for DocumentHeading or DocumentText. I want to show
the entire citation with each page image. I can reference single fields by
using the 'parent(Top):dc.Title' type of grammar. However, when I try to
pair this with the 'sibling' key word, it does not seem to work. That is, I
can't find any combination of sibling and parent to show ALL of the subject
fields. I would have thought it would have been something like..
'sibling:parent(Top):dc.Subject' or

2) I am looking to get the pages that a phrase of full text appears, but
want to include book information in the search. That is, I want to find the
page references for the phrase "Blue-Footed Booby" only in books with the
word "Species" in the title. It does not appear this is possible, since one
is a section search, and another is a document search?

Is there a way to make each section inherit all the metadata from the
document to relieve both of these problems?

Mark V Sullivan
Systems Programmer
Digital Library Center
University of Florida
(352) 846 - 0129