[greenstone-users] Collage; Pdf files

From Svetlana Branhouse
DateTue, 13 Dec 2005 13:16:34 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] Collage; Pdf files
Hi all

Katherine and John, thank you a lot for your help with my previous

Some more things to sort out...

1 - PDF files. The collection search would return the pdf files
represented as text & pictures extracted separately (one icon), and as a
full pdf document (second icon). The first type comes up OK. The second
(full pdf file) comes up with the error message: "The file is damaged and
could not be repaired". (The actual file is fine, and not damaged).
Other pdf files start download through the web browser and end up just as
a blank page and message "Done" in the bottom of the browser window. What
could be wrong?

2 - Is there a way of showing PDF files in the search results as a
thumbnail (similar to image files?)

3 - Collage. I did not find much correspondence in the Greensone-users
conference. Where can I read more documentation on setting to work right?
(At the moment it is really slow; I cannot work it out, how it actually
classifies the documents - it gives some cascading structure which does
not seem logical...)

Thank you very much

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