[greenstone-users] image library

From Svetlana Branhouse
DateTue, 20 Sep 2005 13:24:32 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] image library

Hi all!

I am trying to configure an image collection using a Librarian Interface.

The image files are stored in various folders "all over" the server, and on CD's.
It might be that I simply have missed the corresponding options in the Interface, as I just have returned to the Greenstone stuff since I was in the Uni last  :-)

Could you please help me to do the following:

1. I would like the built collection to show not only the file names, but also the path if the file is located on the server, and a CD Title/number if the file is on a CD.

2. I understand, the collection must store the actual files.

Is there any way of keeping a link to the image that is already stored on the server (rather than duplicate the same file again)?
Alternatively, is it possible to create some reduced resolution "thumbnail" version in the collection with the path/link to the actual full-size image?

3. Can we retrieve some additional attributes of a graphic image, such as resolution, colour info etc, using the Librarian Interface?

Thanks  a lot for your help.

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