[greenstone-users] Amharic language incorporation into Greenstone

From Yohannes Mulugeta
DateMon Jun 30 19:40:25 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Amharic language incorporation into Greenstone
Hi folks;

I would like to make aware of the Greenstone users community the effort
being made to incorporate the Amharic language, the official language of the
Federal Government of Ethiopia and the most widely spoken and written
language in Ethiopia, into the Greenstone Digital Library Software. This
effort is being done by volunteers (Yohannes Mulugeta and Abiyot Bayou) on
Amharic language maintainers on Greenstone in collaboration with UNESCO
Cluster Office in Addis Ababa.

As part the first success, the volunteers have successfully translated the
Core interface and the Auxiliary interface into the Amharic language and
sent them back to the Greenstone developers for generation of the macro
files. I believe that, this is a leap forward for the development of digital
libraries of Amharic collections using Greenstone. Other efforts are being
underway to:

- establish Greenstone Support for Ethiopia (East Africa)

- prepare Greenstone manuals in Amharic language

- prepare Greenstone Demo of Amharic language digital library
collections for distribution.

Best regards,

Yohannes Mulugeta

Greenstone Amharic Language Maintainer

Yohannes Mulugeta
Head, Computer & Information Retrieval Center
Addis Ababa University Library System
P.O.Box 1176
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

cell phone +251-(0)911 395 572
e-mail: yohannesmulu<AT>gmai.com
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