[greenstone-users] Problem about the URL Request and maxDocs in the URL

From feng wang
DateWed Aug 13 07:06:33 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Problem about the URL Request and maxDocs in the URL
Hallo Quan and everyone in the Mailinglist,
I have a question for building the URL Request by setting the number of maxDocs=100.
If i got 250 or more Result Document-Node, but the Response just displays the first 100 nodes,how can i build the URL to request to ask for the second 100 Document Node? I know, maybe i can set the maxDocs=all, but just wanna need an answer for this situation. thanks!!

The second question is about cross collection search. Quan, i changed the interfacen configuration like you told to me and tested this function. I have the function now, but it doesn't work like i want. Actually the cross collection search can't find any information. Wanna know, did i do something wrong.

feng Wang

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