[greenstone-users] Bibliography collection using Greenstone

From mgsree@iimk.ac.in
DateMon Mar 31 19:01:16 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Bibliography collection using Greenstone
Dear Debjani,

This is to suppllement what Anupama has told you on this query.
You may wish to visit these two pages in this regard.



I feel you can as well do it the way you mentioned in your mail as single
html files. It will facilitate adding metadata and building indexes of
your choice.


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From: "John Rose" <john.rose1&#64;free.fr>
Date: Sun, March 30, 2008 11:53 pm
To: "Dr. M. G. Sreekumar" <mgsree@iimk.ac.in>

Dear Sreekumar

Debjani is asking about how to set up a
bibliographic database in Greenstone. Anupama is
right that if Debjani just wants a bibliographic
database, she should probably be working with a
more appropriate package than Greenstone
(possibly using latter to serve to the Web), but
maybe she also wants to add the associated
documents. I'm not sure she should choose Bibtex
just because there is a plugin, there is also
CDS/ISIS, etc. My feeling is that this will not
be clear to Debjani, maybe you could contribute
something from the librarian's view? Thanks and best regards, John

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>Hi Debjani,
>As long as the format your bibliography is stored in can be exported to
>Bibtex format (or if you create the bibliography in Bibtex format itself -
>Google on this, I don't know that much about it myself), Greenstone will
>provide bibliography-specific support through its Bibtex plugin. The
>plugin itself is available from GLI's Design tab > Document Plugins, where
>you add the BibTexPlug from the drop-down list at the botton.
>Searching Google may help you decide what may be best for your situation.
>There may be other software out there that you might find easy to put your
>bibliography into *and* which can be exported to Bibtex format for
>Greenstone to help with.
>Here, try http://wwwsearch.sourceforge.net/bib/openbib.html
>There even appear to be some GUI interfaces listed there that may
>hopefully make things simpler.
> > Thanking you for your cooperation. It is working nicely. Further, I wish
> > to prepare bibliography on bengali literature using GSDL. I have thought
> > to prepare html file for each document. Kindly advise me whether this
> > be alright, whether there is other option which will be better than this.
> >
> > Regards

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